Call Us Today: 082 926 0086  
Address:  3 Newport Street, Gardens, Cape Town

General Guidelines

Friends and family are allowed to come spend the day with you at the lodge, provided that they are respectful of the other guests and leave by 20:00. They are not allowed to park inside the yard or block the driveway. 

Fire extinguishers are mounted in the walls.  Please use in case of emergency.

The area is relatively safe, however, please take the necessary precautions.
When leaving your car parked, whether in the yard or out, always make sure valuables, jackets, bags, electronics, etc are not visible.  Homeless vagrants may break into the vehicle if they see anything they could use or sell.
When taking a walk in the evening, use well lit streets and protect your valuables.

Check-In and Check-Out Times
The unit will be available for check-in from 14:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.  Please arrange earlier or later arrival at least a day beforehand.
Please confirm time for weekend and public holiday arrivals at least a day before arrival.
Departure must be by 10:00. Late check-out is permitted by arrangement only.
Please call Parsh on 082 926 0086 or PJ on 082 922 3322 for arrangements.